Penn State @ Remake Learning Days 2024: Enhancing K-12 Engagement

When: February 12, 2024, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Where: Online

Remake Learning Days Across AmericaJoin the K-12 Engagement Network to learn more about Remake Learning Days (RLD) across Pennsylvania! Any Penn State event created for K-12 students/families taking place between April 20 and May 22 can become an RLD event; join us to learn how easy it is to become part of the RLD festival and share your event across the Commonwealth. Enter your event into the RLD database by February 23 to be included in printed marketing materials that will reach every school district in Pennsylvania. 

Remake Learning Days is a hands-on learning festival that showcases the many opportunities for K-12 students in Pennsylvania to interact with their communities and engage in learning activities through the arts, higher education, schools, libraries, parks, community centers, museums, tech companies, and more. RLD events give parents and caregivers a chance to learn alongside their children and for families to experience learning in a new environment. The mission of RLD is to spark joy, encourage curiosity, and create wonder for kids of all ages and their families. Learn more about the festival in articles from EdWeek and EdPost.


Miriam Krause, Across PA Coordinator, Remake Learning

Miriam Krause photo


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