Keystone K-12 Spotlight: Jess Porter

I chose to be a teacher because I wanted to create a classroom space where students felt welcome, loved, and valued.

Jess Porter has been teaching for six years at North Hills School District, starting with special education and now as a third grade teacher for the past three years. She is making a difference in the teaching community through normalizing the vulnerability and difficulties that teachers face, as well as sharing the joys, lesson ideas, and inspirations for creating teacher joy through social media platforms. In 2023, Jess attended Governor Shapiro’s budget address and had the opportunity to advocate for funding to support teachers, students, and staff. Regarding her future in teaching, Jess shared, “I hope to continue to combine my journey in advocacy and social media to help make teaching a more sustainable career.”

See more from Jess on Instagram and TikTok @freethinkingteacher.