Event Recap: K-12 STEM Landscape & PA Science Standards

On October 27, the K-12 Engagement Network launched its Education for the Future series with the first event, “K-12 STEM Landscape & PA Science Standards.” The event featured Demetrius Roberts, Special Consultant to Pennsylvania Department of Education in STEM and Computer Science, and Jeff Remington, STEM Outreach Liaison, Penn State Center for Science and the Schools. They spoke about updates to PA science standards and the current state of STEM in K-12 schools.

Recorded Webinar

Date Recorded: October 27, 2022
Duration: 50 minutes

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Event Recap

PA Science Standards

Jeff Remington
Jeff Remington

As of July 2022, Pennsylvania’s integrated standards for science, which include final-form amendments to Chapter 4, are known as the “STEELS” standards:

  • Science
  • Technology and Engineering
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Sustainability  

The updated standards include a 3-year implementation window, and as of June 30, 2025, the previous standards set in 2002 will officially be sunset. For more information, visit PDE’s Science Standards page. 

STEM Landscape in K-12 Schools

Demetrius Roberts
Demetrius Roberts

In support of the new STEELS standards, the next three academic years will include a shift to 3D learning, with a focus on providing students an experience that is:

  • authentic
  • inclusive
  • interdisciplinary
  • phenomenon-anchored
  • workforce development and career-ready
  • multi-dimensional
    • disciplinary core ideas
    • cross-cutting concepts
    • science and engineering centered


The goal of the new standards and supportive 3D learning model is that students and educators will see:

  • improved outcomes for all learners
  • improved teaching and learning environments
  • greater focus on modern employability skills
  • increased meaningful and relevant learning experiences
  • increased state, national, and global economic competitiveness


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